360 Pool Services Repairs

In addition to our industry-leading pool cleaning services, 360 Pool Service is happy to offer affordable pool repairs for residential and commercial customers. We offer a wide variety of repair services, including pool equipment repair, pool plumbing repair, pool interior repair, and several other types of repairs.

Pool Cleaning Services We Offer:

Full-Service Weekly Pool Cleaning
Acid Wash or Chlorine Wash
Green Pool Clean Up Service
Pool Filter Cleaning
Additional Pool Cleaning Services
Pool Equipment Repair (Pumps, Motors, Filters)
Plumbing Repairs
Pool Interior
Miscellaneous Repairs
Full-Service Weekly Pool Cleaning

360 Pool Service offers full-service weekly pool cleaning that includes treating your pool with regular pool chemicals. We follow a 10-step cleaning process that includes:

  • Skimming the pool surface
  • Cleaning the pump basket
  • Cleaning the skimmer basket
  • Backwashing the filter
  • Testing pool chemical levels
  • Adjusting pool chemical levels
  • Inspecting pool equipment
  • Vacuuming the pool as needed
  • Brushing the walls and steps
  • Documenting test results
Acid Wash or Chlorine Wash

If your pool walls are stained or discolored, we can help. Call for a free quote for an acid wash or chlorine wash. It is generally better to perform these pool cleaning washes in fall, winter, and early spring.

Green Pool Clean Up Service

We handle all conditions of a green pool, from algae that is just starting to grow, all the way to pools that are so green you can’t even see the bottom. There is no pool clean up we can’t handle.

Pool Filter Cleaning

We will clean or replace your swimming pool filter. We clean and service DE filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. Your cartridge filter should be cleaned every four to six months. Your DE filters should have a complete DE tear down and cleaning every six months to inspect the filter grids and remove packed on DE. We also change the sand in your sand filter (recommended every five years). Many pool problems are a result of not following these guidelines. Proper maintenance of your pool filter is very important. Call for a free quote for pool filter cleaning.

Additional Pool Cleaning Services

In addition to the above pool care services, we are happy to provide the following:

  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • One Time Pool Clean Up
  • Pool Conditioner Treatment
  • Pool Tile Cleaning and Calcium Removal
  • Pool Draining Service
Pool Equipment Repair (Pumps, Motors, Filters)
  • Replace motors
  • Repair shaft seal leak
  • Entire pump replacement
  • New filter installation
  • Sand, Diatomaceous (DE), CartridgeHaul off old filter
  • DE filter cleaning
  • Sand change
  • Haul off sand
  • Troubleshoot electrical
  • Install automatic cleaners
  • Rebuild cleaners – diaphragm, gears
  • New heater installation (excluding gas lines)
  • Heater repairs
Plumbing Repairs
  • Replace / rebuild return lines
  • Replace backwash valves
Pool Interior
  • Drain pool
  • Acid wash pool
  • Scrape calcium nodules
  • Chlorine wash
  • Tile cleaning / glass beading
Miscellaneous Repairs
  • New backwash valve o-rings
  • Replace spa blower
  • Install saltwater chlorinators
  • Acid wash chlorinator grids
  • New timer box installation
  • Timer mechanism repair
  • Install new pool lights
  • Install pool light bulb
  • Replace faulty GFCI for lights
  • Replace Jandy Valve O-rings
  • Replace multiport valves
  • Replace jandy valves
  • Install check valves
  • Any/all pool plumbing repairs
  • Unclog pipes
  • Underwater drain cover
  • Green pool muckout / cleanup
  • Pool painting
  • Seal / caulk tile line crack
  • Plaster spot repair
  • Pool inspection